The Movement started in the library at UConn Stamford. Ramil Salmanov and David Kessler were discussing what to do with the innovative device Ramil had just created: the solar station. The solar station was a relatively simple device, it included a solar panel attached to a pole which could be planted anywhere from a park to a college campus. The device used the solar panel to convert sunlight into electrical energy, would then be used to charge your phone. Ramil, distraught with the lack of knowledge about renewables, hoped to use the device to familiarize the public with alternative energies. As they continued to talk about it, a thought popped into David’s head: “Could we promote alternative energies by forming a movement based around the Solar Station: a Green Energy Movement?”

Today, we, The Green Energy Movement, have blossomed into a growing grassroots initiative committed to educating the public about green energy alternatives, such as solar and wind. Our purpose is to advocate for green energies. It is a known fact that the current pace of human carbon emissions is not sustainable. On our current track, seas will begin to engulf our great cities, droughts will destroy our crops, and natural disasters will devastate our people.

However, this is far from an inevitable phenomenon. With just a little bit of effort, we can avert the crisis that awaits us over the upcoming horizon. Simply put, we must begin to pivot from non-renewable energies to renewables ones now; the period of waiting is over.

We, the members of the Green Energy Movement, are committed to initiating that pivot in Fairfield County and the world around us. Driving through the area, we are amazed to see the progress our community is making. Solar panels are being placed on top of houses, public transportation--which limits emissions--is being improved, and local businesses have begun the switch to environmentally friendly buildings. But we must move further and faster. This movement plans to facilitate change through our three-prong approach to community activism.

1) We plan to use face-to-face presentations as a method of showing the public that feasibility of green energies. These presentations will showcase the solar station as a realistic and useful source of energy.

2) We want to encourage discussion about these energies on social media, through our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

3) Eventually, we wish to provide help and aid in the installation of solar panels and wind turbines throughout the county.

We hope that, with a little bit of help, we can make a meaningful impact on the world around us. Please follow us on social media to see what's in store and be a part of the conversation.

Isaiah Bryan


Green Energy Movement