Solar Station

       Standing in his garage, Ramil gazed at the construction before him. Weeks of frustration, failed prototypes, and a lucky find at a tag sale had finally paid off. His solar station was finally complete and ready to be introduced to the world.

The solar station was built by, Ramil Salmanov. The sturdy base, strong pole, charging ports, painted a combination of green and yellow, and angled solar panel made for an interesting sight. It worked by using a photovoltaic solar panel, which converted solar energy into electricity which then powered the charging ports; the ports could then be used to charge your phone.

Ramil put the solar station together by himself during the summer of 2016. It proved to be the culmination of his 4 year interest in alternative energies and his “love to build stuff”. Ramil designed the station on his own and procured the materials himself in order to make his design a reality.

The solar station is a testament to several of the ideas that are paramount to alternative energy:

  1. Alternative energies can be more efficient than fossil fuels
  2. Alternative energies are easy to access
  3. Alternative energies are useful for day to day usage

The solar station is easy to use and even easier to set up, taking less than a minute to assemble or disassemble. Ramil and his cousin then took the solar station to various public places in both Connecticut and New York City. At each location, the solar station drew interest from people passing by. The design was simple yet it opened the door for conversation about the potential usage of alternative energies in day to day life.

The solar station isn't the only solar powered option that is rolling out. Also on deck is the solar bench which will perfectly fit in at parks and colleges in the local area. With solar panels arrayed above, the bench can provide power to charge a phone while a person surfs the net with the bench’s wifi.

The station is a small step but it also evidence of the adaptability inherent in solar panels. The station is a display of solar panels working in a less than viable locations for a respectable cost. The station isn’t just a flash in the pan kind of idea, it’s a chance for change on the local level.

Isaiah Bryan


Green Energy Movement